2022-2023 Gloria Dei Preschool Registration

Please complete this form and submit with payment to:
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
5500 E 57th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Registration will not be complete until we receive both this form (paper or online) and payment.
1. Preschool Student Information

Please select one option.
2. Household Information

Please select all that apply.
Email is the primary communication, please include an email address that is checked regularily.
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3. Additional Family Members

4. Medical and Health Information

In case of a health concern the Gloria Dei Preschool will attempt to contact you to secure your assistance. Please list other persons available during school hours that the school is authorized to contact so that your child may be given assistance. Include name, relationship, and phone with area code. 

Please select one option.
5. Preschool Class

If there is not sufficient enrollment in a class, an alternative class will be suggested.

Classes must have enrollment minumum of 6 students. Please indicate class preference(s) below. List preferred class if more than one class is indcated.

Please select all that apply.

Rise and Shine with Gloria Dei Preschool!

Monday - Friday Mornings, 7:30am-9:00am

$6 per day with punch card, $8 per day drop-in as availability allows. 
Please indicate the days you will be attending Rise and Shine each week. Rise and Shine is completely optional.

Please select all that apply.
6. Notifications

It is the policy of Gloria Dei Preschool to provide emergency care for students when necessary during their attendance at school and school activities or events, and to release information requested in connection with the provision of such care. Responsibility for payment of ambulance, physician and/or/hospital expenses is that of the parent/guardian.

It is the policy of the Gloria Dei Preschool to permit media to photograph or film group shots of students in hallways and/or classrooms.

If you desire to make any changes with respect to who has access to your child’s record, please contact the preschool director.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to submit legal documents regarding custody/restraining orders, etc., to the school.

Please select all that apply.
7. Authorizations

I hereby grant permission:

1. For my child to use all of the play equipment and to participate in all of the activities of the school.

2. To Gloria Dei Preschool for the use of photographs, drawings, slides and television participation involving my child individually or in a group. These may appear in various publications, the Gloria Dei website, presentations and/or showing on television of such programs as are participated in by my child.

3. For my child to leave the school premises under the supervision of a staff member for neighborhood walks, or special excursions to places of interest in authorized vehicles. (Notice will be given a day or two prior to trips on a vehicle as to where the class is going.) The teacher(s) shall exercise due care and caution in providing for safety of his/her pupils while on such excursions. It is understood that I hereby release the teacher(s) and director of the school from liability for any injury my child may sustain on such trips or excursions and to agree to hold said teacher and director blameless, beyond exercise of due care and caution, in the event of any such injury.

4. For the teacher or acting teacher to take whatever steps may be necessary to obtain care as warranted.

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The following 2 fields to be completed by Gloria Dei / Gloria Dei Preschool Staff.
8. Payment

Please include a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee  AND ONE MONTH of tuition with your registration. 
You may submit registration fee and one-month tuition online, or at Gloria Dei.
>> Online payment amounts, select option in drop down below (include a transaction fee.) 
2 days - $186.00
3 days - $222.00
3 days AM & PM - $392.00
4 days - $258.00
4 days AM & PM - $464.00
5 days - $274.00

>> You may deliver or mail payment to Gloria Dei. Cash or check (payable to Gloria Dei; memo line preschool and preschool student's name).
2 days - $180.00
3 days - $215.00
3 days AM & PM - $380.00
4 days - $250.00
4 days AM & PM - $450.00
5 days - $265.00

Registration is not complete until payment has been received. Registration fee and one month tuition are due by Jan 15, 2022 to secure a spot in a class. After Jan 15, 2022 payments are due when registration is submitted to secure spot in a class.



Please complete this form and submit with payment to:
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
5500 E 57th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Registration will not be complete until we receive both this form (paper or online) and payment.